We are combating the spread of COVID19 and protecting our patients

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In addition to practicing at the highest levels of sterilization, cleanliness and safety we have implemented new aerosol reduction and air sanitization system technology. At Atlanta Dentistry by Design we believe in utilizing the newest technology and leading the forefront of the post COVID19 standard in dental practice.

Check out what is new around here! It is Dr. Freeman’s goal to have the safest and cleanest dental office.

Synexis: Our dry hydrogen peroxide air filtration system effectively kills molds, bacteria and viruses including coronavirus in the air and on surfaces throughout our suite

Aerosol Reduction Systems: Our units eliminate over 99% of all aerosols created during dental procedures including teeth cleanings

  • Reduction with Isolite
  • Reduction with the ADS Extraoral Reduction System

Check out this cool video:

Patient Spacing: From our spacious lobby to the way we schedule, we are keeping patient to patient contact and distancing at its safest.

Evolution: We are following and staying abreast of all CDC guidelines as they are continuously updated.

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