How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?

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Lets start here. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with an alcohol free mouth wash.

In addition you should let a professional “brush your teeth” at least twice a year. In other words, make sure you visit your dental office twice a year for xrays, cleanings, for preventive care, and as needed if you have pain or any dental or oral concerns. A healthy mouth is created from lifelong habits and good oral care, but, what if you forget?

If you forget to brush your teeth sometimes you are not alone. We all forget things. If you do forget to brush your teeth, do it as soon as you think of it. If it becomes a habit, sadly, your teeth and gums will suffer.

Here are some tips to help you remember:

Task it. Make it a part of your everyday grooming routine.

Set a timer. Use your phone, computer, or someone to remind you to brush your teeth.

Remind yourself. There is a saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Help yourself remember by setting out your tooth brush or even posting a note somewhere you are sure to see it.

Substitute sometimes. Carry sugar free gum and/or a size sample of mouthwash with you in your bag or purse. This is not a true substitute for brushing your teeth because it does not remove plaque, but it can help.



At least twice a day! If you forget, do it as soon as you remember 🙂