Eco-Friendly Dentistry

At Atlanta Dentistry by Design, we are dedicated to giving you a healthy and attractive smile that could serve you well for a lifetime. At the same time, we are also dedicated to being good stewards of the environment by decreasing our carbon footprint and caring for the earth through the practice of eco-friendly dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Paul Freeman and every member of our team cares for the environment by making sure that our office recycles whenever possible and by making it a point to use products that are recycled or recyclable.

We also make use of environment-friendly technology, such as composite dental fillings that contain no mercury or other materials that are potentially harmful to you or the planet. When we remove amalgam fillings, we always dispose of them properly. Our digital X-rays use less radiation than the traditional variety and require no chemicals to develop. Because they are stored and viewed and shared electronically, they do not need to be printed, reducing our carbon footprint even further.

To learn more about how we help smiles and the planet, call 404-355-2001 and schedule an appointment with our dentist for yourself or any member of your family.


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