A recent study indicates black tea extract as a natural inhibitor of bacterial growth. This study compared common gingival cultures treated with black tea extract against cultures treated with tetracycline. The black tea extract impaired the bacterial growth so well it promises to reduce bacterial counts and gingival inflammation as well as improve your body’s natural ability to combat bad oral bacteria. Nonetheless, this proves tea time isn’t just for rabbits.



Lombardo Bedran, T. B., Morin, M.-P., Palomari Spolidorio, D., & Grenier, D. (2015). Black tea extract and its Theaflavin derivatives inhibit the growth of Periodontopathogens and modulate Interleukin-8 and β-defensin secretion in oral Epithelial cells. PLOS ONE, 10(11), e0143158. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0143158

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