5 Reasons for dry mouth


Sometimes having a dry mouth is a normal part of life. Temporary anxiety, open-mouthed breathing, mild dehydration, menopause, pregnancy, and decreased saliva due to sleep are all normal causes of dry mouth. 

Prescription Medication 

Sixty-three percent of the top 200 most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S. are known to cause dry mouth. The higher the number of medications a person takes, the higher chance of dry mouth. That's why as we age, we tend to experience more instances of dry mouth. It's not necessarily age related, but our consumption of medication may cause this side effect.

Habitual use of alcohol and tobacco

Use of any of these products will dry out the oral cavity. Please drink in moderation, and make sure to up your water while you imbibe. As for tobacco, we always recommend quitting as soon as possible.

Chronic Disease 

Diabetes, Sjogrens disease, Sarcoidosis, Hepititas C can all cause dry mouth.

Psychogenic or Idiopathic

When symptoms are present without identifiable cause (idiopathic), or because of psychological causes (psychogenic), they can be difficult to diagnose.


Figuring out which one is causing your dry mouth is so important for swishing away bacteria. The dryer the mouth, the more prone you are to cavities, bad breath, and gigivitis. If you find yourself with a persistent, unidentifiable case of dry mouth, you should make an appointment. 

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