Eat The Foods You Miss!

Loose, uncomfortable dentures that can fall out of your mouth and prevent you from eating some of your favorite foods are the dentures of yesteryear. With an implant-supported denture, you can eat the foods you miss, and boldly laugh again without a care in the world. Call Dr. Paul Freeman DDS today to set up a consultation. 404-355-2001

Restore Your Confidence 

Many people who have conventional dentures don’t like to wear them because they don't stay in place. TeethXpress offers a way to keep dentures secure and allows you to go about your daily life with confidence. 

Conventional dentures are designed to give you the appearance of natural teeth, but not actually replace your natural teeth. You may have noticed that your denture that once fit well now slips constantly and requires costly visits to the dentist for adjustment. That's because every day that you wear a denture the bone in your jaw shrinks a little more. Eventually 
the denture won't fit at all and you will have to replace it.  

TeethXpress is a very different solution. You will still have beautiful natural looking teeth, but now they will also function like natural teeth. The TeethXpress solution secures your denture to surgically placed dental implants so that you can eat, speak and live confidently without the fear of slipping dentures. Click on About TeethXpress for more details. 

Fix Common Denture Problems 

- Difficulty chewing certain foods 
- Slurred speech and embarrassing clicks, whistling or smacking 
- Slipping or moving of the denture 
- Gum and mouth irritation 
- Pain caused by poor fitting dentures

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