Before we start throwing back additional glasses of red wine, for the health benefits of course, let’s discuss the recent pitch that red wine may now also prevent dental cavities.

According to recent media reports by Medical News Today, Huffington Post and other media coverage of a laboratory study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, red wine is now being publicized for its ability to prevent the growth of certain bacteria in the oral cavity.

What would the instructions for the benefit of red wine on your dental health read if red wine was sold next to the Listerine? According to a recent study you would be instructed to, “hold it in your mouth for two minutes every seven hours for seven days”. And this would only be beneficial according to some studies while other research finds evidence of the benefit questionable.

You decide, does the potential benefit of red wine on your teeth outweigh the known undesirable effects of red wine on the brightness of your smile?

If you go for it, we can help with the side effects. Call us to get scheduled for your customized teeth whitening plan.

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